I will teach you the physics of force

teach you the physics of force
teach you the physics of force
teach you the physics of force

About This Gig

Forces make the world go 'round - literally. This course, based on the introductory book I have written about mechanics, provides a quick and easy-to-understand introduction to the quantity force and an overview of the many types of forces that shape our universe. Besides enlightening and down-to-earth explanations, we'll do plenty of detailed exercises demonstrating how the concepts and formulas can be applied to real-world situations.

No prior knowledge is required. With my university level training, my 15+ years experience in tutoring and my graphical tablet to produce sketches supporting my explanations, I will be able to get everything across in a clear manner as we do our Skype lesson. I will pick you up where you are, that's a promise. The lessons are loosely based on my books "Physics! In Quantities and Examples" and "The Book of Forces".

Possible topics:

- Acceleration
- Newton's Second Law
- Gravitational Force
- Ground Friction
- Inclined Planes
- Fluid Resistance & Terminal Velocity
- Buoyancy
- Lift & Flight
- Centrifugal Force & Artificial Gravity
- Springs
- Electromagnetic Forces
- Conservation of Momentum & Thrust
- Vectors
- Force and Energy

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The Physics of Force

Basic Gig = 10 min Skype lesson.

7 days delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't know much about mathematics. Can I still book the gig?
    Yes, you can. We will surely encounter a few formulas, but I will explain everything you need to know as we discuss the topics and show you how it works.
  • I'm familiar with mathematics at calculus level. Is this gig too basic for me?
    Though the book that this course is based on uses only basic algebra rather than calculus, I can teach everything at calculus level as well. Feel free to book the gig.