I will send you a letter

send you a letter

About This Gig

Hate receiving nothing but bills and bad news? 

Well, buy this gig and I will send you a letter via mail for $5.
Please add $5 for shipping. That means one gig is $10 and you get one letter.

I can write you a love letter, a friendly letter, a surprise letter or any letter you like. The letter will be a page long and will be handwritten with love. 

You'll get it in three to five weeks depending on your location. I am from the Philippines so it will probably take a while. I will ship it via post.

If you want to get the letter faster, please add an extra $40 for shipping via awesome couriers and you will get your letter within three days to a week plus a secret surprise from me like a keychain, a post card, a drawing, a pen, etc.

I will send the letter to you within ten days from ordering.

Snail mails are wonderful. It's time you get one now.