About This Gig

The Bunker Hill Security H.264 DVR Security System (including the new model number 62463 & 61229 for 8 cameras and others). Harbor Freight promises Iphone and Internet access but setup is difficult. Bunker Hill's customer service will not help with installation for the web or Iphone. But I will provide step by step instructions so you can see your cameras on your iPhone or computer. There is nothing else to buy and no fees as long as you have a router and internet connection. If you can navigate a few menus, it will work. These instructions are for Windows operating systems, the iPhone and a Netgear router but you can use them as a guide for other systems. In fact I give you an easy way to setup the hardest part for most systems. Just set up the DVR and cameras according to the instructions in the box and then follow my instructions. The instructions are sent in a PDF file for Adobe Acrobat. If you need them in another format I will try to accommodate you. I will get the instructions to you as soon after you message me as described below but if I'm out of town it may be a day or so.