I will improve your website security, performance and SEO usa

improve your website security, performance and SEO usa

About This Gig

 I'm an experienced digital marketing services firm executive and management consultant. I take a very holistic approach to search engine optimization. I'd love the opportunity to research your brand, run some analytics and identify growth opportunities in terms of search optimization effectiveness.

I'll run a detailed SEO report and I'll throw in a free phone or Skype consultation to discuss how you can effectively update your content and code to optimize your pages' indexability, site security, site speed optimizations and things like caching, CDN, minfiying code, compressing images, etc. - the essential elements that are often overlooked but weighed heavily by Google, yahoo, and yandex. 

After we discuss our strategy, I'll move forward by installing and configuring SEO, security and performance plugins and configuring them to help your page comply with Google's standards for page optimization. I'll put your site on a CDN (content delivery network) and make dozens of other changes which are looked upon favorably by google.

Lastly, we'll run another SEO report to show the increase in indexability and performance. 

I offer free consultations so feel free to get in touch!

Order Details

Wordpress SEO Package

I will create a detailed SEO report, install and configure various plugins for SEO improvement.

  • Software Version Upgrade
  • Resize Photos
  • On-page SEO
  • Minification
  • Database Optimization
  • Browser Caching
5 days delivery