I will send you the How to Be an Alpha Male book

send you the How to Be an Alpha Male book
send you the How to Be an Alpha Male book

About This Gig

Learn how to be alpha in finance by learning how to be a finance professional that would be able to work in careers such as investment banking and private equity. Learn game by learning how to select, attract, escalate, and commit with a feminine girl.

Michael is a natural when it comes to picking up women. Even at the youngest ages, Michael was comfortable approaching and escalating with girls and always had a girlfriend. By high school, Michael was managing multiple relationships with women from different schools. While an undergraduate, he found himself in a long term relationship and wanted to learn about how to be more dominant in the relationship. Despite having love, he found himself supplicating in the relationship. After becoming alpha, his girl began to chase him and loved him even more for it.

Michael is also a natural when it comes to finance. He is the co-founder of a boutique investment bank at the age of 25, AltQuest Group. AltQuest Group focuses on M&A for middle market businesses with $2M to $100M in enterprise value on the sell side. On the buy side deals may go north of $1bn.

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