I will manage your social media for 30 days for $5


About This Gig

I will be your Social Media Manager for 30 Days... ***ONLY 1 Gig per client***

Having a social media presence is essential in today's business world.

It will help you connect with your current customers and reach new ones. From Facebook to Twitter, I will create consistent, action-driven content that will help you make your business successful.

Please visit http://goo.gl/3uhgQw

Small and Local Businesses

Small to mid budget local business that only focused on 10-15 mile radius, such as air condition repairs, mechanics, and boutique shops.

Google My Business, allow us to be on GPlaces and GMaps, and Iimplement Adwords Express.


1. ReTargetting -Dropping a cookie on the clients' computer, whether by visiting the page, or opening one of our email campaigns, it allows to continue targeting that client for a few more days.

2. ReMarketing -This particular strategy allows to bring back past customers, by marketing new products to them, that would interest them.

All Clients

Intensive research analysis:

1. Keywords

2. Competition

3. Prospective customer behaviors

4. Products/services to know when to place ads, time of the day, and which day

5. Website/Landing Page analysis.

6. Strategies

7. Goals