I will send your song to more than 300 hip hop, rap, RnB blogs

I really recommend him decoding your music it will push you future. Great advice i didnt care about the promo i cared more about the advice and let him write your bio!!! GREAT WORK
Reviewed by richyrich2012 7 months ago
send your song to more than 300 hip hop, rap, RnB blogs

About This Gig

The hip hop/rap/R&B blogs I send to are considered the A&R of today's hip hop/rap/R&B music industry: you have to make it on them in order to make it any further. 

Sending your music to these websites is a great indicator of how people involved deeply in the hip hop/rap/R&B industry relate not only to your music, but to your whole package: image, brand, professionality, presence, visuals, etc.

My basic gig will submit your song directly to 300+ hip hop/rap/R&B editors, reviewers and guest writers.

Note that there are no bad emails in this list, all emails are 100% relevant and used by the blogs being submitted to. The list is cleaned and updated every deployment that I make.

You will get screenshots showing proof of the deployments being made.

It is not guaranteed that you will get your song reviewed or posted on their blogs, but at least they will listen to your song. However, if they're blown away by what they experience, then they will definitely get back to you.