I will promote your Link to 5 million Facebook fans for $5

promote your Link to 5 million Facebook fans
promote your Link to 5 million Facebook fans

About This Gig

I am a member of Some Facebook group with more than 6 Million+ real members and i have 2 fan pages 11000 (11 K)+ Fans and Timeline .

You just need to provide me with the message to post and make it as appealing as possible. Promote your site, Affiliate links, CPA or Anything Else.

  • You will get 20-30 high quality backlinks for your site that automatic created after Put your URL in Facebook group.
  • Over 6 million People will know your website / product / service Just by one or more message.
  • It will expose your website / product / service to million by million mixed people around the world.
  • This is big part of SMN (social media networking) & SMM (Social media marketing).
  • 6-12 million+ people will get email notification by FB automated email system. So, it is big part of email marketing.
  • 100% natural effect.
  • Cheap rate but real advertising

  1. The post will stay on the group wall forever and will never be deleted.
  2. Quickly deliver before deadline
  3. Million people see my post about your Website.
  4. 100% Real member in our Group
  5. 100% guaranteed work
  6. I'll give you a screenshot according to your preferences. i Complete the order ASAP Guaranteed.