I will make an animated presentation of your topic

make an animated presentation of your topic
make an animated presentation of your topic

About This Gig

Hi this gig involves me making a "SINGLE SLIDE or PAGE" containing the topic you have with simple animations for $5. This can be useful when you conduct presentations, greet someone or you probably want someone to learn a given topic instead of handing them out plain words you can also try to give them something fun to look at while at the same time learn.

Things you should know about:
  • The finish product that I make will be an SWF file. if your PC and laptop has flash plugins this SWF file should run properly.
  • This will be done in Flash and I will be just using timeline animation and I do not use action scripting well probably just basic ones.
  • If your presentation needs additional slide please avail for the gig extras.
  • Please give me a message before you make the order so we can discuss first.
  • This gig will have a default duration but depending on the task at hand there might be a chance that I will be asking for an extension.
  • Provide your own images, audios, videos or anything that will be used in the presentation.

My real working sample is on another site and fiverr does not allow redirecting to other sites just find time to look for it in the link found on my sample work here.


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