I will feature you on my Popular Daily Blog

feature you on my Popular Daily Blog

About This Gig

Okay Guys- here’s what we need to go over before I feature you in my popular blog! When I’m featuring you in one of my posts, they are for an unlimited time – I simply don’t delete blogs.

What does that entail?  For starters, We will need 250+ words article from you – I’ll need all your social networking links so that I can reference them in the post and I can also backlink to your site and obviously you will get dofollow. This gig is about creating a personal connection between you and my readers  his is what drives traffic and increases your views as well as great opportunity to build BackLinks.

What sorts of topics do I cover in my blog?  You name it, I’ve probably done it, but by far, these are my top topics:

·       Technology

·       Business

·       Cars

·       Real Estate

·       Entertainment 

·       Health

·       Sport

·       Travel

The best news is that I post every-single-day, so I have tons of traffic. This is the sort of regular traffic that can really drive people to your business, and these are readers from around the world, not just regional readers.  

You have my word that you are going to be completely satisfied – I simply don’t let my clients down!

Order Details

2 days delivery

Basic GIG

I feature 500 words, add 1 -2 photos and 1 link to your blog feature placed on my site

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