I will record a video as a rastaman on a jamaican beach

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Well done... AGAIN AWESOME!
Reviewed by felixedzard almost 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ahmetzgc almost 2 years ago
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEE it!!!! Excellent, great in communication, just what I wanted!! It was a pleasure doing business with you!!!
Reviewed by adrianaguizar about 2 years ago
Excellent execution! :)
Reviewed by jimmiwalker about 2 years ago
Fantastic work, prompt delivery, thanks so much!
Reviewed by tophtucker about 2 years ago
thanks, very nice!
Reviewed by r_steiner about 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by romankondr about 2 years ago
Im very happy with the gig! Good work and i can only recommend your work.
Reviewed by michelwilwert about 2 years ago
great seller
Reviewed by cjdavies60 over 2 years ago
pretty cool gig :D Visit Reefer Poker on Facebook to watch it!
Reviewed by john_doe86 over 2 years ago
A+ Very good video! Would recommend to anyone.
Reviewed by timesscript over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ronit239 over 2 years ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by gscrivano over 2 years ago
you promised to re-record because of pronunciation and you just cut the the portion and its noticeable, you promised me: "I will add some music, caption, effects etc to try and make up for it". did it happened? not yet ; but you did a good job
Reviewed by losedderai over 2 years ago
Thanks Michael, it's perfect, you're awesome! Very much appreciate your prompt communication and the video is exactly what I was after - highly recommend your work!
Reviewed by cequip over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by swillchildren over 2 years ago
Reviewed by betarma over 2 years ago
The greatest. Truly an icon of Fiverr! He's jamaican the best stuff on here!
Reviewed by entropia64 almost 3 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by valchaars almost 3 years ago
So fast! Loved it! Very worth it.
Reviewed by krystyneve almost 3 years ago
record a video as a rastaman on a jamaican beach
record a video as a rastaman on a jamaican beach
record a video as a rastaman on a jamaican beach
record a video as a rastaman on a jamaican beach
Hi germany
jazmin Jamaica

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  720p Video up to 60 words 720 p video up to 90 words 1080p video up to 200,
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About This Gig

 I will record a video, $5 per 60 WORDS , dressed as a Rastafarian lounging on a Jamaican beach, saying ANYTHING you want! I am a real Jamaican on a real beach in paradise

You must submit a script.   

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I also do Special Projects

Write script $5.

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·      Custom Pricing : It's five dollars per 60 words  

·         hold a sign/picture = +$5

·         insert a picture= +$5

          Write short message in the sand +$5

·         background music= + $5

·        wear something different =+$10

         Pretend to smoke the herb +$10

·         sing a song =  +$5

·         write a script for you =+$5

·         insert  url =+$5

·         add subtitle=+$5 up to 60 seconds +$5 every 30 sec after

·         insert picture in picture video effect +5

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What the cost for a special project
    Special projects start at $50. Please contact me before ordering
  • What is a Special project.
    A special project is something other than the extra that are provided, Eg. You need a group of persons to answer questions about your product. You want a nice girl to hold your sign. You want a real rose in your video. you want music video footage. etc Please contact me for a custom offer.
  • My video will not play or I get an error when I use the link
    It is recommended that you use a laptop or a desktop to download your file. If you get an error when clicking the link the file may still be uploading you can wait for a maximum of 30 mins to try again. Please contact me you need further assistance.
  • Can I send you something in the mail for you to use in my video?
    Yes... Please contact me for details
  • Will you be offended by my script
    Not likely... But please use common sense. No hate speech. Eg please don't ask me to say " D..ath to J...s" or similar hate speech... or sexuality explicit stuff that would make anyone turn in their grave. That is just crazy. Why would you want to say that.
  • What video file will I get?
    Normally its .mp4 unless otherwise requested