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write a Excel Macro

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Description Simple Advanced Complex
  Write a macro or new worksheet function that handles a single repeatable task. Write a macro or new worksheet function that handles different scenarios and has variation. Write a macros or new worksheet function that handles complex scenarios and variations.
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Include source code with the delivery
Detailed Code Comments
Seller will add detailed comments to the code explaining the code structure.
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2 4 unlimited
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About This Gig

Have a repetitive task in Excel that you or your reports are spending their valuable time on repeating the same steps?  Have a long complex formula that is used multiple times across multiple sheets and which it was as easy as the SUM() formula?  Have customer demographic information and want to find out how far they are from you?

All of these things and more can be handled through Excel's built-in editing tool!

100% of Excel can be controlled through these macros and just about any complex formula can be created using this tool.

Let me help you be more efficient and profitable in your business.  It may seem small but adding back even an hour a week for someone in your organization means 52 extra working hours in a year, or over a full week's productivity per person!  Some tasks can be done manually that would add large value to your organization but are prohibitively time-consuming.  I can create a macro for you that takes what would be multiple man hours per day/week and turn it into less than a minute of work.

To ensure that you are getting the right package or just to discuss options that you have please feel free to reach out and I am glad to help before you purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you automate formatting?
    Yes. I can include code in the macro that will edit the formatting of the sheet any way you wish.
  • What are the limits?
    I am highly skilled in VBA code writing for Excel and can replicate any manual tasks. I have done multiple data integrations from SQL databases to Google apps. Please check with me before a purchase to confirm what you want to accomplish is available.
  • Do you have examples of your work?
    Yes. Please contact me and I can provide examples of my work either practical examples or videos of the code performing it's function.