I will do a Spell to Break Vows of Poverty

do a Spell to Break Vows of Poverty

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Breaking  Vows of Poverty

Have you noticed that some people attract money and prosperity in their lives easily, constantly and without much effort, while others, no matter who strive and fight, never have enough, are always indebted, impoverished, and even earn money They end up losing everything?

In these  years , as a therapist, I found that a lot of people can not progress and stabilize economically, because it made them Called "
Vows of Poverty" in this other lives.

Many vows were made in lives that the person was Catholic in which those votes were common not only among priests, nuns and monks, but also among fies, believing that the money was against spirituality. Thus, the votes had a high load of Fear and Guilt.
These people to make money, but end up sabotaging and lose everything.
Sometimes, people develop strong locks regarding the Money and Prosperity because in other lives were killed, betrayed, robbed, persecuted by enemies .They blame money for their losses and suffering.

 I'll work for you with a powerful ritual of Witchcraft Ancient and Psychotronics Table Horus erasing such
Vows of Poverty    
Also I will work erasing its connection with Ancestors

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Ritual to break a Vow of Poverty

I will do a ritual to rid you of a vow of poverty.