I will mix and master your dance music production

mix and master your dance music production
mix and master your dance music production

About This Gig

As a musician and and engineer, I fully understand that a loud, sparkling, finished product catches many more ears than a flat, amateur-sounding mix. While studying audio engineering at the #1 music school in the US, I'm ready to sharpen my mastering skills and help other musicians get a leg-up in the dance music community.

The Basic Mix/Master Package Includes:

-2 tracks electronically delivered to you in 24 bit/44.1kHz

-Mixes and masters that have been cross-referenced between multiple monitor systems to give you a versatile product that translates well in any listening environment!

-Processing done with high-quality Waves, Sonnox, and Izotope plugins.

Like any phase of the music-creation process, mixing and mastering should never be rushed
Whereas other services might promise "24 Hour Mixing/Mastering", I'm dedicated to take the time to perfect your project.

Order Details

Mix and Master

This package includes 5 revisions on 1 track, delivered electronically in 5 days.

  • 1 Song
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • HQ Audio File
5 days delivery 5 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most mastering engineers offer analog processing; is there any downside to staying "in-the-box" to master?
    Despite what you might believe, no! As powerful as current digital signal processing is, tracks mixed with modern compressors and linear phase equalizers can stack up against any analog mix.