I will draft a power of attorney

draft a power of attorney

About This Gig

Hello, my name is Michael Sue and I am an attorney who has been practicing for over ten years. 

Let my expertise guide you.  For Five Dollars, I will draft a power of attorney.  If you know a loved one who no longer possess the health or mental capacity to make their own decisions, and they want you or someone else to make decisions on their behalf, you need a power of attorney ASAP. 

Whether it's

* Health Care Power of Attorney
* Financial Power of Attorney
* Power of Attorney for Court Appearance, in case unable to appear
* or any other type of Power of Attorney

I can draft it for you.  Furthermore, you will have personal access to me in case you have any questions along the way.  For Five Dollars, you'll have your very own attorney!  Don't jeopardize your Power of Attorney by trying to do it yourself.  Let a professional lawyer handle it!

Please note that although I am an attorney,  I am not practicing law nor am I dispencing legal advice.  This is a legal documentation preparation service that I provide where I am filling out legal forms.