I will give you paperwork proving you are legally disabled

give you paperwork proving you are legally disabled

About This Gig

Hello, my name is Mike Sue and I've been an attorney for over ten years practicing disability law. If you or a friend or family member currently have a social security disability, personal injury, or worker's compensation lawsuit pending, then it is imperative that you prove  you're disabled.

I've represented thousands of clients over the years and I've learned what's important is not so much what your diagnosis is, but what impairments and/or permanent limitations you have.

For $5.00, I will send you the paperwork that you will have your doctors fill out that will help you prove up your disability case, whether it's proving you're social security disability case (SSDI or SSI) or showing your damages regarding your car accident, slip and fall, etc.  These forms ask all the right questions that a judge will need to help determine that you're disabled.

Also, I have paperwork for both PHYSICAL and MENTAL disability.  

Furthermore, you'll have personal access to me in case you have any  questions along the way.  For Five Dollars, you'll have your very own attorney!  Don't jeopardize your disability case by trying to do it yourself.  You'll need the best evidence possible!