I will prepare uncontested divorce papers for you

prepare uncontested divorce papers for you

About This Gig

Rather than hire a divorce attorney and spend thousands of dollars, consider having a uncontested divorce.  This means you and your spouse agree on the terms and you're just seeking a simple divorce without all the hassle.  For a small fee of $5.00 I will prepare personalized uncontested divorce papers for you to file in court on your own.  I will not be representing you in court or with your divorce.  However,  I will use my legal document preparation skills and knowledge to fill out the paperwork so that you can represent yourself and get your own divorce.  This not only saves you money but time and stress.  For professional uncontested divorce papers, this will get you the result you want without spending a lot of money.

The paperwork I submit to you should be acceptable to most courts no matter what state you're in.  However, it may need to be modified or formatted a little bit to fit your particular county or court's format. 

Please note that although I am an attorney,  I am not practicing law nor am I dispencing legal advice.  This is a legal documentation preparation service that I provide where I am filling out legal forms.