I will translate English to Malaysian Malay

translate English to Malaysian Malay
translate English to Malaysian Malay

About This Gig

Translating English to Malay using Google Translate might not work because trust me, we do not want to translate words literally. Depending on the context and application, words should be translated correctly. 

For a basic gig, I will translate 400 words (file must be in an editable format e.g. Word/Excel/PowerPoint, etc) from English to Standard Malaysian Malay. If you are not sure about the format, please drop me a message first. 

I have been doing some translation work for my previous companies as well as clients and I believe I can help you too. I have been receiving repeat orders and I have good records everywhere as well as on Fiverr. So, you don't have to worry :)

Whenever you need my
assistance, please order my gig! Need extras? Simply check out my Gig Extras below :)

Note: I receive a maximum of 2500 words to be translated and delivered within my average time (3 days). Nonetheless, if you have more than 2500 words, please feel free to drop me a message and I shall advise you accordingly. Thank you :)

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