I will create VTT Captions for your Udemy Course

create VTT Captions for your Udemy Course

About This Gig

Why do you need Captions?

For anyone with a Udemy course, captions will:

  • Give your course lectures a sense of professionalism. Inaccurate automatic captioning is unprofessional 
  • Open up your content to the hearing impaired, deaf & ESL (English as Second Language) communities
  • Increase user experience. If users find the content difficult to understand, or speech too fast, captions will keep them watching!
  • Words in captions are considered when people search for videos which may help get your video ranked by search engines (SEO)


Provide me with a transcript  & I will create accurately timed captions for each lecture.

If you don't have a transcript, I can provide transcription as well as the captions. See the gig extra, or  message me to discuss a Custom Order.


What you’ll get: 

  • 1 Gig is for up to 10 minutes of video - with a transcript provided by you
  • I will provide you with a caption file in VTT format  ready to be uploaded to your lecture.
  • I can provide a formatted Word transcript as a Gig extra.
  • Provide captions in any other format you require


Message me with any questions prior to placing an order.