I will create a CUSTOM gig to Heal your mind, body, or spirit

create a CUSTOM gig to Heal your mind, body, or spirit
create a CUSTOM gig to Heal your mind, body, or spirit

About This Gig

I give consistent, incredible RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS, lol.

 This gig is for me to give YOU a CUSTOMIZED Gig offer to heal YOU, your group/family/organization, your finances, your relationship, cravings/addictions/trauma, anxiety/stress/ADHD, phobias/OCD/PTSD, loved ones, ancestors, future lives.

I am a powerful Master Energy Healer who has had HUGE success healing other people, whether it is mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, psychic/empathetic, relationship, financial, or other.

I have saved clients thousands of dollars in surgeries, pills, potions, pharmaceuticals, not to mention the years of suffering and pain that I have saved them (and their would-be caretakers,) sometimes in just ONE session.  And I have been a guest host on several internet radio shows where callers call in with all kinds of issues, and I tune in to their energy and CLEAR the problem, LIVE.  Some of them are on Youtube, too.

Because of my techniques and how effective they are, I am able to charge up to $400 per hour, because I get CONSISTENT Results. This can be done via Skype, cell, or any other means of communication, even when you sleep!

Let me show you what I can do for you... Buy NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this gig HEAL me, or is this a QUOTE/Custom Gig Offer?
    This is a gig which you as me to give you an ESTIMATE or QUOTE on how much it would cost, and how many sessions it would take to do CUSTOMIZED ENERGY work on you to heal, shift, or manifest something in your life. I do not HEAL with this gig, but I have other gigs for GENERAL healing, too.