I will improve YOUR Psychic Abilities

improve YOUR Psychic Abilities
improve YOUR Psychic Abilities

About This Gig

I am a Master Energy Healer who has blended several healing techniques into one awesome, teachable technique.  In this gig, I will provide:

1.  ONE Video which will attune ONE of your major Telepathic Abilities.
2.  ONE Audio which will attune the SAME major Telepathic Abilities as in #1.

As a gig EXTRA, I will provide:
  ONE Audio which will ELIMINATE any major BLOCKS to your Telepathic or Psychic Abilities.

(This is SO important and can't be missed, because what use is it to have super - human abilities without the ability and confidence to USE them wisely?)

Gig extra: I can help you make a stronger telepathic bond with ANY person on earth.
Second extra:  A 15 minute REMOTE healing session whereby I clear up any major blocks, tune you stronger to your Higher Self and Intuition, and strengthen your confidence at the one skill.
The BEST Gig extra is that for just $50, I will teach you how to align your chakras in 15 seconds, and heal yourself and others, via a video.

Give me either a $10 tip or a video testimonial (I will send you the outline) and I will give you 3 (general) affirmation audios which will dramatically improve your mental abilities...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will you know that this gig worked for you?
    Each person is different, but after listening to the audio or watching the video, you will be able to tell how well your abilities have improved. It all depends upon several things, including how strong your abilities already are, how long you have worked on them, and your own disciplined effort.