I will instant Remote Healing or Relief on 1 symptom

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instant Remote Healing or Relief on 1 symptom
instant Remote Healing or Relief on 1 symptom

About This Gig

This gig is NOT for healing MAJOR issues for $5.00, lol.  This is for MINOR issues (like headaches, stress relief, anxiety, etc.)

For $5.00, you will receive a video which has HEALING Chi-Energy Frequencies EMBEDDED into it, which will change YOUR frequencies and disentangle you from your issue.  All you have to do is play it at least 10 times per day, and it does the work for you, for ONE issue. 

Most people begin noticing a change right away... For some it takes up to a week, but there is ALWAYS a shift.

For MAJOR issues:
A.  You will need Gig Extras.
  I have a 96% Customer Satisfaction Ratio and want to make it HIGHER, so please send me
     a message BEFORE ordering this gig, telling me:

1.  What you want to heal, shift, or improve.
2.  How long you have had the issue.
3.  What have you done to try and heal the issue (pills, surgery, counseling, other healing techniques.)
4.  Is it hereditary....

I am a Master Energy Healer and normally charge up to $400 per 50-minute session, and have testimonials and live demos. I am on Fiverr to HELP more people and to market my business.

  If you can help, we can work out a deal.