I will tailor and edit your resume

tailor and edit your resume

About This Gig

Hi I am Kally, a writer for my website MiddleMe.net. I have worked as a manager in various industries such as education, healthcare, retail, advertising, IT, telecommunications and ecommerce specializing in sales, customer service, project management and operations in both small medium enterprise and larger multi-national corporations. 

I would like to help you in your resume so that it will get notice by the HR recruitment team and their hiring managers.

- I can help you to edit your existing resume to be relevant and powerful at $5. 

- Or I can help you to create a totally new resume together with a professional cover letter at a job you desire at $10.  

- Or for $15, I will assist you to create or edit a resume together with a professional cover letter, all tailor-made to the position and company of your choice.

The moment you engaged me, I will contact you via email asking you to attach your existing resume for editing or you to fill up a questionnaire for a new resume. 

I will ask for extra time if your resume is more than 2 pages. If not, I will return your edited or brand new resume within 5 days.

I look forward in helping you! 

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