I will improve your Business idea and prepare you to pitch it

improve your Business idea and prepare you to pitch it

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  I will send you the Winner Pitch Deck model I used to Win International Startup awards with tips! I will transform and totally improve your business idea! The Real Feedback! Includes Basic and Standard Package, and I will review your version of the Winner Pitch Deck model!
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About This Gig

One of the worst feelings as an Entrepreneur is having your whole idea destroyed in front of a huge audience. It happened to me.

They start in the way your pitch deck is disposed, move to the things you forgot to mention and then finish with how bad your business model is and how your idea is, in general, useless!

Truth is, Someone should have told you all those things before you went on stage.
That is the reason why I am here.

I will:
  1. Comment and give advice on how to improve your business idea, from the idea itself to business model and go-to-market strategy
  2. I will send you an editable model of the Winner Pitch Deck tested, refined and remodelled by a huge number of entrepreneurs.
  3. Review your implementation of this model and give you tips on how to improve it

About me:
  • Won Several International Startup Contests including the Worldwide Competition "Global Startup Battle" powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, Startup Weekend, Startup Pirates and Best Business Idea of 2012 by ANJE
  • Pitched ideas from Knowledge Sharing Web Platforms, Cell Culture Automatization Robots to Wearables for Babies
  • Currently building my 3rd Startup
  • Love to help new Entrepreneurs building their dream