I will do image analysis area, distance, counting and more


About This Gig

Are you working on a project that implies the extraction of information from digital pictures?

Do you have folders full of photographic registry from your research that needs to be analysed? 

I can offer my services for digital image analysis and data extraction from pictures for speed up your work.

The analyses that will be applied to the pictures of your choice could be the next:

 - Area calculations (from histology to maps)
 - Distance calculations
 - Counting (Cell counting in tissue, number of colonies per plate, etc)
 - Electrophoresis gel analysis (Calculate the molecular weigh of your sample from a ladder)
 - More... (Open for requirements)

The standard offer of this gig stars with the analyses of 12 pictures (1 measure each, p.e. area calculation) for 5 $.

I will send you an Excel data sheet with the organized results from the analyses.