I will translate EROTICA from English into German native speaker bilingual

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translate EROTICA from English into German native speaker bilingual
translate EROTICA from English into German native speaker bilingual
translate EROTICA from English into German native speaker bilingual

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  Basic Gig: For great things in few words or a sample quickie. English>German No translator does erotic? I do. nonjudgemental. passionate. trustworthy. English >German No translator does erotic? I do. 1K+? Lovely, message me for a custom offer. ღ English>German
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About This Gig

You knew there are 923 words that break the 'i before e' rule?

Only 44 words follow that rule.

Words are wild things. Just like us. Why would it be different? It was us who called them. I browse other translators‘ gigs to see what they do, how. We're so intriguingly different. One thing I stumble over all the time is ‘no erotic literature‘.

Weird. They think it filth? Aren't we all sensual, sensuous, sexual creatures? Aren´t they? Why welcome a story with romance but send away one with lust? Are they afraid of the story? Their prudery? Their wordsmithing failing them? The author? They judge a man, a woman, who writes the stories they clandestinely read but won´t leave on their coffee table? 

I however went and made this gig for you - know there are wordsmiths among us who neither judge and send away your creation, nor you.

You are welcome with your story. I´ll let your characters live, love and lust in a language that will feel as if it had ever been their own. They won´t mind, trust me.


Basic Gig: for few words or a sample (quickie option with 1 day delivery available)

Standard/Premium Gig: up to 1000 words

For more words, or other concerns, let's see, message me. ღ


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a native German or English speaker? Bist du Muttersprachlerin?
    I´m German, with a German dad and a UK mum. I live in Germany, CE(S)T timezone, Central European (Summer) Time. Ich bin Deutsche, mit deutschem Papa und UK Mama. Ich lebe in Deutschland, CE(S)T Zeitzone.
  • Are these your pics? Sind das deine Fotos?
    Yes. Courtesy of me, self-timer&PS. I care for IP. I don´t fake translations AKA google-translate, I don´t fake gigs AKA steal pics/text from other fiverrs/Google. You´re welcome to reverse-search. If you see them elsewhere, pray tell so I can ask fiverr to take it down. I can prove they're mine.
  • This gig says English > German. Can you translate German > English too? Kannst du auch vom Deutschen ins Englische übersetzen?
    Sure I can. If you insist, I might just do it. Klar, wenn du drauf bestehst, mach ich's vielleicht sogar. P. S. In manchen Boxen ist nur englischer Text, keine Absicht, Zeichenlimit, tut mir leid. Irgendwelche Fragen können wir gern auf Deutsch per 'Kontaktieren Sie mich' klären!
  • Do I have to put your name as the translator, when I sell my work? Muss ich dich als Übersetzerin erwähnen?
    No. You´re very welcome to do so of course ('Translated by Mila', doesn´t sound too bad after all), but you don´t have to. That´s all between you, the style your book is edited or marketed in and your conscience. I honestly don´t mind, though of course it would be lovely and a nice thought for me.
  • Do you reserve any rights as the translator of my work? Beanspruchst du irgendwelche Rechte an deinen Übersetzungen meiner Arbeit?
    If you want to give them to me, I won´t object of course, but no. I´m aware that, with traditional publishers, translators are recognized in the book, retain some rights, even get a percentage of book sales. I assume you´re a self-publishing author though, to me this is new game, new rules.