I will translate LITERATURE from English into German native bilingual

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translate LITERATURE from English into German native bilingual
translate LITERATURE from English into German native bilingual

About This Gig

I'll BREATHE LIFE into the GERMAN version of your WRITING. 
Any length and any flavour.

Your story, your book is finally done.
You want a translator who doesn´t just translate, but 
who reads, and thinks, and feels? Find one 
who will not feed your precious words to an automat, 
who will take care of your story from the first syllable to the last word and exclamation mark herself, 
who won´t give your story away as 'twere a careless trifle.

I spent the better part of my childhood/youth in the public library's children&YA section,
then moved on to the adult section - I´d read everything there was to read!
I have a vast vocabulary on the tip of my tongue and fingers.

I can give you a direct translation. I can give you an 'as close as possible but make it sound like real German' translation. I can give you a free translation if you give me free reign. I can give you anything you want.

I love words. I'm enamoured of them. Like to play with them.
I love stories. Everyone needs them. Not everyone can write 'em.
I love books. The only thing ever perceived as so dangerous they were burnt at the stakes like witches and knights templar.

They aren´t things. They live. They breathe.


Order Details

TRANSLATION into German 500 words


  • Up to 500 Words
5 days delivery 3 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you German? English?
    I´m German, with a German dad, and UK mum. I live in Germany, my timezone is CE(S)T (Central European (Summer) Time). Ich bin Deutsche. Ich lebe in Deutschland, kann in waschechtes Deutsch übersetzen und diese Boxen hier nerven mit ihrem Buchstaben-Limit! ;)
  • Do you translate FROM German TO English too?
    Maybe, if you insist. Seriously though, if you want me to do it that way round, you´re welcome - but don´t forget to add in the info field then whether you want UK or US English! Ja, kann ich machen, vergiss nicht, bei der Buchung anzugeben, ob du UK- oder US-Englisch willst!
  • Are you comfortable with translating erotic literature?
    Definitely. Also with stories with people of all walks of life, any gender, any sexual preference. I even have a gig for erotica, click my name to see all my gigs and have a look? Yep, wie man so schön auf Deutsch sagt. Ich hab' sogar einen Gig extra für Erotica, schau mal da rein!