I will cast an extremely powerful love spell

cast an extremely powerful love spell
cast an extremely powerful love spell

About This Gig

I will cast a love spell on the person of your choice for $5.

This can be used for yourself and someone else or two people who you wish to target.

About the Spell

This spell has been used for centuries in my family and is a secret witch spell that will bring together and unit the two souls whom this spell is cast over.

 I am here to work for the good of others. I enjoy helping people and making peoples time on earth more enjoyable. My spells are very powerful so make sure of what you are doing before you decide to buy anyone of my gigs.

Things I need:

  • I will need only the first name and last name initial
  • Country
  • If the name is common I may request a more precise location.
  • Also a picture will be needed for both individuals for more powerful results.

Spell will be delivered in less than 24 hours!!!

I welcome questions, so please ask all your questions BEFORE purchasing this spell and I will answer them promptly. Please  make sure you understand the implications of magic and its effects before ordering :) You are playing with real forces and real emotions!

Thank you :)