I will help you with computer problems you may have

help you with computer problems you may have
help you with computer problems you may have
help you with computer problems you may have

About This Gig

I will perform these things during a virus and spyware removal with a free software called, "Team Viewer."

·         Removal of malware, viruses, rootkits, spyware, adware, and cookies

·         Free anti-virus program installation and spyware program installation

·         Hard drive diagnostic test

·         Apply startup- system tweaks

·         Repair of operating systems problems

I can assist with minor optimization of computers or assist with any computational questions. 

Order Details

2 days delivery 3 Revisions

Tech Support Assistance

-Virus and Spyware removal = repairs, security program installation, had drive diagnostic test,tweak

Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you translate to Spanish?
    Yes, I was taught Spanish at a very young age.
  • Can you fix my internet connection?
    Physically I cannot since I am possibly at a very long distance away from you, but I may be able to give you ideas on how to fix it.
  • Is Windows 10 any good?
    In my opinion the original Windows 10 upgrade is the best so far and very easy to work with.
  • How do you get computer viruses?
    Viruses are often caught on your computer from bad web surfing and clicking on advertisements.
  • Why is my computer so slow?
    There may be a variety of reasons to this. Maybe you need more RAM, you hard drive is running out of space, or bad programs are slowing down your startup and overall your computer in general.
  • I forgot my password can you help me get back into my account?
    If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10 with a Microsoft account then you can go to your Microsoft email and click forgot password in order to change your forgotten password. If it is a local account then you might need to find a tech in your area to help you with that to remove the password.