I will bop along to your MP3 as the Outlaw Biker

bop along to your MP3 as the Outlaw Biker
bop along to your MP3 as the Outlaw Biker

About This Gig

Hello Fiver.  I'm Big Mike, aka the outlaw biker Road Rash, and these last six months on Fiverr have been awesome.  I've updated my gig with new lighting, a new camera, and the green screen! 

For $5 you get a 30 second video of the Outlaw Biker,  Road Rash, dancing to your MP3 against a plain background. You can use the video as part of a larger music video, use it to promote your band or song, or use it on social media.  I can also deliver a brief message during your video.  If there's a dance you'd like me try try, just ask.

I am offering a special on my green screen gig extra.  For $10 I record on green screen then add a HD, Hi Res background.  It looks real slick and I have a library of licensed images.  Message me and let's put together an awesome project!

You video will be awesome, and if you wish to really amp up the production, I have several extras to ensure the most epic video ever!

Please include correct pronunciation for any people or places.

I always have fun making these videos and love to collaborate with the buyer, so hit me up with your ideas!!!!!

Order Details

Dance and Bop to MP3

I will dance and bop along to your MP3 as Road Rash, the Outlaw Biker

5 days delivery