I will deliver you 30 second message as a pissed off Outlaw Biker

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Hands down this is the greatest $5 I have ever spent. Well exceeded my expectations, will be using your services again!
Reviewed by shahinmirzaei about 3 hours ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by dr_steen 4 days ago
Was bought as a prank for a good friend, everything turned out BETTER THAN I EXPECTED - 110% PERFECT! Had a great laugh from it :D
Reviewed by kajreh 3 days ago
Mike wasn't able to meet my original request for technical reasons, but he was extremely communicative and went back and forth with me to come up with a working solution. Great job all around!
Reviewed by ripped0ff 4 days ago
Really just the best! Thanks!
Reviewed by avivjunno 4 days ago
What a great experience, this guy rocks and over delivers. Would recommend and will be buying again.
Reviewed by ambs169 4 days ago
So fucking good!
Reviewed by binnilee 8 days ago
My goal was to have fun, and get my friends psyched before partying. Mike was awesome - fast, communicative, creative - everything I expected! Thanks Mike !
Reviewed by ramiamar 15 days ago
Quick and as exactly as I wanted! Top stuff!
Reviewed by pippip95 18 days ago
A++++++++ very fast
Reviewed by buddha310 about 1 month ago
This man is a legend thank you very much!
Reviewed by jaxenpowell about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by thespecks 30 days ago
that is fucking fantastic. gonna get more work for you for sure.
Reviewed by benbadger about 1 month ago
This guy is amazing! Gives me chills.
Reviewed by customchip 30 days ago
Simply Brilliant for any kind of message you wanna send to someone!
Reviewed by thatching77 about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jazzy212 about 1 month ago
Perfect! what else can i say!!
Reviewed by btr0178 about 1 month ago
He was so nice! This order was smooth and he even added stuff for me! I loved it im going to post it on my youtube channel! XD
Reviewed by iiapocturtle about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by monster44 about 1 month ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by johnnyfunes about 1 month ago
deliver you 30 second message as a pissed off  Outlaw Biker
deliver you 30 second message as a pissed off  Outlaw Biker
deliver you 30 second message as a pissed off  Outlaw Biker
Fuck Off Evan
Make Darts Great
Boys Night Out
hey luis
summer car
I hate Korys dumb face
orbit medical
bike life

About This Gig

Hello Fiver.  I'm Big Mike, aka the outlaw biker Road Rash,

For $5 you get a 30 sec. msg. (50 words) from a super angry, pissed off  Road Rash against a plain background. I can punk someone out, leave an angry message, yell at someone on social media....the options are limited by our twisted imaginations. I don't mind profanity, but racism, homophobia, etc. are no-no's.

I do a slew of other characters.  Check out my portfolio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLNoLzkURaVErcwv6yKkiSQ/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0 
Other characters include The Duck Hunter, Dirty Santa, Serial Killer, Macho Hippie, Ultimate Comedy Roast and more!

Right now I have a gig extra on special.  For $10, I will shoot with a green screen and add in a hidef, hi res background.  It's a great professional look, and I have a library of awesome, licensed HD videos.  Just ask and we can design a perfect video.

Ultra Fast Delivery (2-3 hrs) $30, msg me for details.

Please include correct pronunciation for any people or places.

I love to collaborate with the buyer, so hit me up with your ideas!!!!!

Order Details

3 days delivery

Fiverr Basic

Read your 30 sec, 50 word script, plain wall, sound fx

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm scared! Is Road Rash as evil and angry as he seems? Will he be easy to deal with?
    Despite the looks, I'm a mama's boy and my nephews call me Uncle Mikey. I'm all about peace and love, so I'm always happy to make a new friend here on Fiverr.
  • Which characters do you perform beside Road Rash?
    Along with Road Rash, I offer gigs as a Serial Killer, The Duck Hunter, Farting Hands, Bird Dollar Prank, Dirty Santa, Big Mike, The Macho Hippie, a Roast Comic, and more. Here's my portfolio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLNoLzkURaVErcwv6yKkiSQ/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0
  • Do you have other backgrounds and clips for your videos if I use the green screen extra?
    Yup. I belong to a service with thousands of Hi Def video clips. My subscription means I have full license to use them in your video and if you have an idea, need or suggestion for a specific background, just ask!
  • How do I send you my script?
    You can attach a document in the message window, or better yet, just copy and paste it in the message box.
  • Can you deliver my video in less than 24 hours?
    Yes i can. If you need a video in just a couple hours, I offer Hyperspace Delivery for $30. Message me beforehand to make sure I am available.
  • Can I put my video on YouTube or Facebook?
    Sure can, and videos are optimized for popular social media platforms. If you need help, just ask.
  • How can I get my personal pictures or video into the project?
    Pictures can be sent to me here on Fiverr, as well as video if it's small enough. I can pull video from YouTube as well and can use Dropbox to transfer larger files.
  • Are you willing to work a deal if I'm a repeat customer or have a large order?
    I sure am, just message me.
  • Fiverr's upload limit is 100MB. How will I get my video if it is over that?
    I send you a link to Dropbox, and you can download it from there.