I will review and analyze website or blog give my idea

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review and analyze website or blog give my idea
review and analyze website or blog give my idea

About This Gig

Let's Analyze your website: Get a review and understand how to improve design and UI, Speed, ranking and SEO!

This report is a Must have!

Get insight on how to rank higher and how to get more leads and business! 
Writing Blogs, Selling Products, Doesn't Matter!
ALL PLATFORMS, All Types of Websites
e-Commerce, Wordpress or A blog no matter what the platform is:

I have more than 8 of years experience in online marketing, SEO, and web analytics: I will review your website or blog and tell you almost everything you NEED to know to improve your website to gain more traffic, visitors and Leads.
  • Is your design appealing?
  • Are you using the right colors and fonts?
  • Do you have the best landing page?
  • Is your website user friendly
  • Is it following search engine guidelines?
  • Do you have Redirect errors, or 301 errors?
  • Are you using social media properly? Are you Spamming?
  • What is your site real potential?
  • Do you have enough traffic
  • Are you doing the right search engine optimization?
  • Do you have the correct meta tag and Title for Home Page? or any page you choose (check my extras)

You will get answers to these questions and more in the audit report, you always need another eye to analyze and recommend steps!