I will work on increasing computer performanc

About This Gig

Before reading any further, please note that if I fail to make your computer fast after the order is completed, I will give you a full refund and pay you $10 through PayPal to make sure I do not fail again.

This gig will involve discussing on what the issue is and after, me personally working on your computer and tweaking it to the best of its capability.

This gig also requires that you have TeamViewer installed so please make sure to have it handy when the time comes.

Depending on your computer's state and specifications, the time it will take to complete the gig might be longer or shorter than predicted. 

Please make sure to be patient. 

Also, make sure to hide any personal information you have on your computer before we begin. If I do encounter any when I work, I will stop and immediately notify you of its presence. 

Order Details

Computer performance support

I will work on your computer for a long or short period of time until it is fixed.

1 day delivery