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Fantastic!!! As always, Mike and his team do great work, I wish I could give them another star!
Reviewed by lr40pilot about 1 month ago
Mike and his team are the absolute best at what they do!! As always, great job!!!
Reviewed by lr40pilot about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by cwright76 about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by rjzinger 2 months ago
Absolutely fantastic job!! I gave these guys a complicated script that included the PC guy getting soaking wet, and they delivered a video which was flawless, no revisions needed, it was perfect the first time, in all ways. I will most definitely be contacting Mike and his crew again!
Reviewed by lr40pilot 4 months ago
This is the second video I have ordered from Mikevann and I can not relate enough how happy Iam with how both turned out. I highly recommend his services !
Reviewed by antonblagonic 5 months ago
Superb work! Had mispronunciation one the first version, Mike was sweet enough to rectify it and get back with the second version at no extra cost and earlier than stated delivery date. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by garunamo 7 months ago
Great quality, experience, and communication. Thanks!
Reviewed by ricardo44 9 months ago
You guys are amazing. More work coming your way. Thanks again!!!
Reviewed by elevatorman 9 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by dflesher 9 months ago
Brilliant. Exactly what we asked for!!!! Thank you.
Reviewed by angusp 9 months ago
Another excellent production and early delivery!
Reviewed by libertyrising 10 months ago
Wonderful experience - thank you very much! Exactly what I needed.
Reviewed by alex_zap 10 months ago
The best experience possible. I hope they create additional styles of videos in the future as I will be buying again! Awesome work guys! Top notch quality and experience!
Reviewed by dougiemac 11 months ago
You guys rock! Worth every penny...
Reviewed by vietlphie 10 months ago
Another Perfect work from this talented guy!! Thank you!
Reviewed by eliventura 11 months ago
Its everything we asked for, thank you so much guys!
Reviewed by wizzard005 11 months ago
Reviewed by belaltawil 11 months ago
They hit it out of the ball park. This video they made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHd-qJ4Y_m0 is outperforming my previous best video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckTGDOhcWKI www.searchnrecruit.com
Reviewed by scorpioak001 11 months ago
So good! Cant wait for the 2nd one. I'll order another one for facebook tomorrow!
Reviewed by rosspaumen 11 months ago
make a Mac Vs PC Video
make a Mac Vs PC Video
pdf page as image
Mac Vs PC Video - LeakiQ Slow Leak
Mac Vs PC Video - LeakiQ Gushing Leak
Mac Vs PC Video - National Life Insurance
Mac Vs PC Video - Jewelry Protection Plan - The Three Rs
Mac Vs PC Video - LeakIQ - SD Preview
Mac Vs PC Video - In Home Therapy
Mac Vs PC Video - Proffered App V2
Mac Vs PC Video - Foundry V3
Mac Vs PC Video - Elevator Oversight
Mac Vs PC Video - Royal Oak Dentistry
Mac Vs PC Video - Chiropractic Master Class
Mac Vs PC Video - Article V Nullification - SD
Mac Vs PC Video - Dash
Mac Vs PC Video - SouthEast Traders
Mac Vs PC Video - Denton Smiles Dentistry
Mac Vs PC Video - VOS Knife
Mac Vs PC Video - Hardware Guys
Mac Vs PC Video - Toledo Jobs Hiring
Mac Vs PC Video - Search N Recriut
Product Video - Switch Mattress Explainer

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About This Gig

Are you a fan of the Mac Vs PC commercials and want one for your brand, product or business? Well, then this is the perfect gig for you! We will make you a custom Mac Vs PC video, like the sample video above. This is a great video for promoting your product, brand, service or business.

SCRIPTS: Send a draft script before ordering so we can send you a quote. We do not write reviews or scripts and do not offer that service.

TALENT: Our actors are paid each time they shoot. Tell us everything you want and the dialogue you need when ordering. Per Fiverr's TOS, if you want us to re-do it because you didn't like it or you gave us the wrong info, you'll need to re-order the entire thing or we will let you know the additional cost it will be to modify the video or re-shoot.

You can view our work samples and videos produced here:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What format should my script be in?
    Please send the your Mac Vs PC script in the following format, so we can correctly do your video: Guy 1: Bla Bla Bla Guy 2: Bla Bla Bla Guy 1: Bla Bla Bla
  • Can you write a script for my video?
    Unfortunately, we do not write scripts or offer that service. If you saw our other videos and want something similar, you will still need to send a script. If you need a script, there are lots of great script writers of Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/categories/writing-translation/creative-writing
  • 30 Days? Seems like a long time.
    Quality takes time. We guarantee delivering your video by the 30-day delivery date. We try to deliver it sooner, but because we schedule actors and sometimes there are conflicts, we can only guarantee it by the delivery date.
  • What about the copyright and usage?
    You're not buying the full copyright. You are only buying the production and a limited-usage license. Meaning: you can post it online. If you want it on places like TV, Film, Radio, you'll need to get an extended-usage license from us. By ordering this gig, you agree to this.
  • I haven't hear back from you, what's up?
    We typically don't work or deliver on weekends, nights (5:00pm PST) or holidays.
  • Can I choose different actors?
    Unfortunately, for this gig, we do not offer any other actors. If you would like a variety of actors, please see our Commercial Video gig: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/3f091700e2
  • What other videos do you offer?
    Please visit our gig pages to review our pricing, so you know the breakdown for when we send you the quote: https://www.fiverr.com/mikevann