I will send you cool postcard from China and 1 fresh yuan inside

send you cool postcard from China and 1 fresh yuan inside

About This Gig

Ni hao!

Currently I am traveling around China for 4 months on low budget (hitch-hiking and sleeping in a tent). I am doing some YouTube videos out of it, you can check it out and see who I am. Unfortunately it's only in Polish for now.

If you support my trip by donating $5 I will send you small gift from China:

a Chinese postcard - chosen randomly, but leave a message if you what something special, like for example postcard showing people, that's no problem at all!
1 fresh Chinese yuan, straight out of the bank. I think this is great gift from China to see how money looks like here
cat style envelope for money (I have 3 styles of cats) - this is how Chinese people give money on Chinese New Year
Chinese styled envelope
Airmail post all around the World. This should be delivered within 7-10 days, but this depends on your location, sorry - it's not up to me
The message on the postcard can be yours or if you want I can write something

All this for only $5, thank you for supporting my trip!

For extra $5 I will ask some Chinese to write special greetings in his language for you. FOR FIRST 10 PEOPLE THIS IS INCLUDED IN BASIC $5!

Order Details

2 cool envelopes, postcard & 1 yuan

Chinese postcard and 1 fresh yuan (banknote) all this packed in cool envelopes!

14 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is post included in the price?
    Yes, for $5 I will send this to every country in the world by airmail.
  • Where is the money go?
    After calculating cost of postcard, envelope and airmail I will use this money to continue my traveling around China. My budget here is about $6/day so you can help me a lot! And I hope you will enjoy a small gift from China!
  • How long does it take for you to send it?
    It depends, sometimes I travel in rural China where post office is not available. Unless so it will be send the same or next day. However I will always contact you if it will take more then a day.
  • Are you sending worldwide?
    Yes, this is an airmail worldwide service.
  • Is this 1 yuan real? What is the value?
    Yes, this is the real money that Chinese people use. I never send used, old banknotes. All of them will be as freshest as I can get. Always in excellent condition. The value is about $0.14, you can buy steamed bun on the street, Pepsi Max in WalMart or almost a beer - the cheapest 1.5Y
  • I would like a postcard showing some Chinese people
    No problem, contact me whatever your request is. I will try to make everything to make you satisfied!