I will help you pick your next gadget

help you pick your next gadget

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  Quick insight on which gadgets are good for you. Brand suggestions. Discuss what you need and create an exact list of items to pick from. Extra research time and answers to all questions. Check description to get a better idea.
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About This Gig

Let's say you want to get a new gadget and are struggling in picking what to get. Won't it be nice to get help from someone who is insightful in the subject?

We all know that most retailers are biased towards certain brands. It might not be wise to ask them about your problem. So, why not ask me? A teenager who is really interested in all sort of gadgets and doodads, and already spends time reading and learning about them. 

1) Basic Insight
This package is quite simple. I'll give you a quick and brief insight on what you may get. There probably won't be anything super conclusive but I'll take all your needs into consideration anyways. Should be quite simple: iPhone or Android? I only need a little information about what you'll use the device for and about you (nothing private) and I should give you an answer!

2) Standard Insight
A more conclusive list that can help you pick between products and all of that. You may ask me to explain nearly everything.

3) Premium Package
Everything in other packages + you have a personal assistant to help you with a purchase (where should you get it from etc. and which exact device)

100% Money Back Guarantee! 
(If you are not satisfied with your purchase.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you only help with a specific device?
    Nope. I'm up to helping with nearly every single gadget.
  • What sort of information do you need from me?
    What you're going to use the device for? How often? How much power do you need? How long should the battery last? Form=factor of the device? Your budget?
  • What do you mean by Personal Assistant in the Uber Package?
    Basically, I'll help you on every step of the process. Be it picking the specifications of the device or the site you should get it on.
  • How will you contact me if I purchase your service?
    There are many ways for me to contact my customers. However, first I'll send a Direct Message to your profile and then ask you how you would like to contact me.