I will teach you how to make incredible returns on the stock market

teach you how to make incredible returns on the stock market
teach you how to make incredible returns on the stock market

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Description Basic Market Education Advanced Market Education Total Market Coaching
  Give you one stock to invest in and educate you on the market and update you on when to buy/sell. Educate you the ins and outs of the market and teach you my personal methods for my trading habits. I will be your personal broker and financial advisor for one month. 24/7 access to me as well.
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About This Gig

Do you want to start investing in the stock market but don't know where to start?

Are you a seasoned investor but want some help on the inside?

Do you want professional research done on an industry's top companies?

The stock market is a confusing place to navigate. And without proper guidance it can be financially ruining. Millions of dollars are traded daily on the stock market, it's your turn to take a slice of the pie.

I can set you on the right path to start doing just that. I've been playing the stock market since I was 18 years old. On top of my education and extensive experience I'm able to achieve an average of 

74% returns Annually. I'm ready to help you in a way I wish someone had helped me when I was first starting my financial career. I'll save you years of trial and error as well as giving you priceless incite.

On top of my offered package gigs I also offer monthly coaching through Fiverr at a 35% from my usual rates.

I can also put together any kind of mix-match of the services I offer through a custom order.

Contact me and we can negotiate the perfect deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you guarantee a % return?
    Unfortunately no. I'm not going to lie to my clients and make promises I can't keep. I'm a professional investor who has knowledge to share. I'm not a scam artist here to honey coat things and take your money. You can view screenshots of my portfolio's average daily return ($3,615 USD)
  • Can I view your personal portfolio?
    Due to legal reasons I am unable to photographically show the stocks I/my company are invested in. However, I have provided screen shots of my returns and Nasdaq score. Showing my personal returns (32%) and my risk assessment (very low).
  • How much money will I make hiring you?
    Again, I'm no scam artist who will promise you millions over night. All I can promise you is the sharing of my experience and knowledge, tailored to your situation and personal goals. Professional help from someone who's been doing this for years and has proven success.