About This Gig

For just five dollars, I will take an image you send me and bring it to life by animating it in After Effects using 3D space and subtle use of the puppet tool. I will also add an audio track of your choice. This is perfect for spicing up a presentation, sending as an E-card, or for a cute slideshow. Use it how you'd like! Select and send the 5 - 15 second segment of the song you would like the image to play along with (Please be sure to send a song that YOU have permission to use. I will NOT place copyrighted music on something that will be used commercially. I also will not animate pornographic/explicit images.

Not only do you get a beautiful animated image, you're funding a college student so she can buy some good ol' NYC dollar pizza ;)!

It is extremely important that you be as specific as you can be. Once I have sent you the gig, I WILL NOT make any further modifications.