I will review your credit and help you repair it

review your credit and help you repair it
review your credit and help you repair it

About This Gig


A lot of clients have a HARD TIME fixing their credit. Whether it's inquiries, bad payment history, collections, bad debt (charge-offs), or simply wanting to get rid of a NEGATIVE ITEM off the credit report due to it's age and the effect it has on their reports.

Here's what I'll do for you:

  1. Review your Credit Report thoroughly to analyze the accounts that are there based on the CRA that it is posted in

  2. Provide feedback in terms of the approach that I'll be taking or suggest an approach that is best fitted for your situation

  3. Draft or HELP in drafting the perfect set of letters (custom made, NO TEMPLATES!) which will include content such as; FCRA Violations, FDCPA Violations, FCBA common Violations, plus so much more

  4. Will help you submit these letters to top legal authorities that helps as an added value of scrutiny for the CRAs, Debt Collectors, and Creditors

It's very important to keep in mind that RESULTS WILL VARY, depending on the logistics used and how responsive you as a customer are to the process.  Please bare in mind that the gigs are for 1 of 3 bureaus. To do all 3, please order 3 x all gigs mentioned on this Fiverr.

Thank You