I will advise and help for any video design project

advise and help for any video design project
advise and help for any video design project

About This Gig

Hello ! I am a professional video designer with high satisfaction rate and many skills in different styles.
I can help you for any questions regarding video design and montage.

- I do work on PC, and I do not guarantee that the software I use and recommend will be Mac compatible

- I will give you a refund if I do not have the answer to your question

- I am patient, skilled and friendly, I am also a certified multimedia trainer, but I do not provide miracles : good results come with training. Be ready to fail and try again if you're looking for something that you've never done before. But it's OK, I'll be there to review your results and help again if needed

- I have your best interest at heart, your success will also be my pride. Be confident that I won't let you down if you have difficulties. Be also aware that advising you take me a lot of time and research, and that I can not give those for free

- I might provide you screenshots, step-by-step videos, or even audio if needed for you to understand the answer

- $5 : simple question, simple answer
- $15 : simple question, answer with links and names of resources

Please look at extras and FAQ, and message me before ordering if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you qualified when it comes to set up a camera footage?
    I can advise you on footage design (lightening, angles, design) but not technical specifications like camera type or brand, cost of equipment, etc...
  • Can you follow a project from A to Z up to it's completion?
    Yes, I can. If we need to come back on a question already asked that you didn't understand, I will explain again. If you need inspiration or ideas to continue your project, I can provide this. If you're looking for help, I am here to provide my skills too.
  • Do you know how to get FREE resources ?
    Yes I know, not everything has to be expensive, there are a lot of free images, music, software, that you can use for your projects without any copyright problem.
  • I do not know anything at all when it comes to video design, but I want to start a project, can you help ?
    Certainly, but we might have to set up a real training program together. Then, for the pricing at each step, and how long it will take, it really depends on you. The more you work and try by yourself between each question, the better.
  • I want to buy a service that you do not sell, but I don't know how, can you help?
    Certainly. You show (or explain) me what you're looking for and I'll guide you with keywords that you should research for, and advise about your results to make sure it's what you need.
  • Can I make a video from still images only?
    Yes you can, and I have worked on many projects with only images with very good results, I will show you how to do this.