I will give a unique supernatural places worldwide map

Interesting, but not much info
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Great experience! Very nice, fast delivery, and fun content! Merci!
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Out of this world! Great map. Love the heart!
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Awesome map to travel or discover places close to home. The author has updated the map 2 times since my purchase. THANKS !
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give a unique    supernatural places worldwide map
give a unique    supernatural places worldwide map

About This Gig

Print-ready A2 size poster (7965/5083pix 300dpi) + kml file

ACTUAL THEMES : Ancient / Destroyed / Haunted / Man Made / Mystery / Natural Wonder / Psy Disorder / Vestige

I have collected for years a list of really amazing supernatural places on Earth : UFO sighting (that still happens nowadays), natural wonders, haunted or ancient sites and remains, man made incredible places, destroyed strange towns, anomalous locations and much more.

If you like mysteries, legends and fantastic stories, you will be thrilled.

All of them have been selected with very specific criteria : serious sources and well documented. Things you would be intrigued while knowing it exists, or inquiring to see where it is exactly situated.
There's web documentation links on each location in kml file.

I will add a special place for each gig (read feedbacks). There's actually more than 200.

Most of the places you can discover with a lot of details, and some might even be next to your town!

Nota : I will give you instructions for .kml file. You will have all the GPS coordinates. Different softwares, like GoogleEarth and GPS devices do open .kml

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