I will send you a peruvian seed bracelet

send you a peruvian seed bracelet

About This Gig

I will send you an original sacred Wayruro seed bracelet from Arequipa, Peru to protect you from illness.

The seed is sacred amongst the peoples of the Andes and the Amazon, among the peoples who inhabited the area before the Spanish conquest. The seed has magical and medicinal qualities.

In our worldview, black belongs to Pachacamac, who gives life to everything that exists. According to the wisdom we inherited from our forefathers, these colors are sacred.

At big ceremonies, funerals, healings, when it is time to dance or to hunt, the beautiful wayruro-necklaces are worn by men and women alike. On the other hand, the lone wayruros keep us company in times of fear, loneliness, pain, as well as in times of love. In the Andean ceremonies certain elements are united, thus making possible the sacrifices and gifts offered to spirits such as Apu, Pachamama, Killa Mama, Inki Tayta, Qochamama and Mallki. Important ceremonies or rites should never lack wayruros.

Wayruro is also a medicine, although in our culture medicine is understood somewhat differently: it is not only something which heals, but also something which protects from illness.

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Basic package includes one bracelet.

2 days delivery