I will put your face into a classic painting

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Reviewed by redcheese67 over 3 years ago
Hahaha This is adorable. Thanks!
Reviewed by artist9120 almost 4 years ago
LOVE it! Thanks for helping me add to my personal art collection!
Reviewed by bexbex almost 4 years ago
Love it! Super quick delivery (only a few hours) and it is all I could have hoped for!
Reviewed by bexbex about 4 years ago
Great product. I would order from him again!
Reviewed by cactuscc about 4 years ago
This fellow did his utmost to deliver this on time for me at very short notice. The result is great !
Reviewed by ptsing58 over 4 years ago
Perfect :)
Reviewed by onlinemasterdk over 4 years ago
Great job, really appreciate the bonus of having two faces added, would normally be two gigs, thanks for your generousity. Fast turn around time. Was very helpful and good with the communication. Double thumbs up. Try it for yourself. thank you Miceaflorea.
Reviewed by hilltran over 4 years ago
Fabulous! Really good work and fast delivery. I know he's going to love it, thanks!
Reviewed by sweetpeach over 4 years ago
put your face into a classic painting
put your face into a classic painting
put your face into a classic painting

About This Gig

You too can be part of a masterpiece. Just send me your picture and I will paint your face into your favorite work of art. You can choose the painting you want to be in or let me do that for you and you can also choose to have more than one person painted in, so if you want to have a "Last supper " painting featuring you and your friends for example , I can do that for you.

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