I will make you servitor and a PLUR Package

make you servitor and a PLUR Package

About This Gig

If you rave currently or you used to..
you may like my little item.

I will send you a single kandi bracelet. But, this one will be blessed with good luck. And have a servitor designed for you by me.

A servitor is like a imaginary friend, created by my energy to do whatever you need.

I offer  this service to you out of love and genuine want to help people feel magic in their daily life.

I was raised with magic, but recently there was something that reminded me that people can take it to a dark place. I prefer to keep it light and colorful whenever possible!

PLEASE  Note this not a spell. You are bringing a daily source of magick into your life.

your servitor can take any form (I'm partial to yokai and you guessed it mermaids.) I'd love to make you your own love drawning kitsune or lucky tanuki. 

When you buy from me your bracelet will be handcrafted. (It may glow in the dark or say something or even have a kandi skull) who knows?

You'll get a letter about your new mate. and my tips for increasing PLUR in your life!

(you may also opt to not get a bracelet in which case I will be binding the servitor to you, you will still get information via fiverr mail :)

Thank you, peace be with you