I will write an article of up to 400 words in 24 hours

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write an article of up to 400 words in 24 hours

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I will write a brief, engaging article of up to 400 words on a general subject within 24 hours.

You're probably wondering: "What's the catch?" The catch is that because these are express gigs, you may only order general subject-- all of the details are up to my personal discretion.

All you need to provide is a general subject for your content. 

Examples: Cleaning products, Angelina Jolie, trendy clothing,  making money online.

NOT a specific topic such as "Best cleaning products for stains" or "How to make money online."

Details, including keywords, SEO, slants (positive, negative, review) or certain key points are NOT allowed. 

(Note: I offer some specifics as Gig Extras.)

These articles are great as quality content filler for your website in place of SEO-heavy articles that sound like spam, which are likely to turn away repeat visitors.

If you are looking for detailed writing, longer work, anything on specific subjects/details/SEO/etc, please see my other gig.

Please do not order more than 10 gigs within a 24 hour period. If you have any questions at all, please contact me.

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SEE GIG DESCRIPTION FOR FULL DETAILS. Standard 24-hour article, general subject, no keywords.

1 day delivery