I will post an article on NewYork News blog separate page

post an article on NewYork News blog separate page

About This Gig

You know what is being sold over the internet... 
YES, SPAM Back-links

But, here you get Do follow back-link with image link back to your website, video, mp3, etc.

You will get a separate page with your website backlink, website name, description and an image on New York News Blog

You have to give me the content for the post. 

Your image would have Alt tag for SEO benefit and great meta tags. I can also embed a video in the page. 

Post also includes a free Tweet and Facebook page post

I will send you the URL of the published articles once your article is published.   

If you would like our news editors to write the copy for your article, ask for a Custom Price Quote for Content Copy writing services.

All content is edited by American citizens for proper U.S. English grammar.

No adult, gambling, money or pharmacy posts.