About This Gig

Hi!! If you're stuck with bad video testimonials, look no further. I will happily dress up as the devil in a verbal fight against the angel (my friend), who is defending your product/service. It will last up to one minute, depending on your idea. In the end good will win, which means, whatever you're promoting, it will get great positive feedback and review :). How? Simply, the angel protects your product or service, while the devil is extremely sceptical. In the end, the angel convinces the devil to use your product/service. It can be funny, serious, completely up to you! We use professional lighting, with a nice background. Make sure you provide us with your idea/script. Extras along with my gig offer: +$5 You will get 1080p HD instead of 720p. +$5 More than 1 minute +$10 Extra fast timing (within 1 day, it will be done) Thanks for reading! Max