I will give you Relationship or Dating advice

give you Relationship or Dating advice

About This Gig

I will give you a relationship advice. The advices I am going to give you are going to help you not only in this one situation BUT also in the future. The tips I give you WILL improve your lifestyle in GENERAL.

You have a problem in your relationship?
You want to get a better person in general?
You want to attract people yo your life?
You need help for online dating?
You need help picking girls up in general?
You need help to improve your game?
You want to have better girls in your life?

Here is the place.
I have accumulated  dating and pick up wisdom from ALLOT of places and I can GUARANTEE improvement in your life!
I do not promise a magic pill because such thing does not exist,
nor can I change the other person. It may be hard and not happen overnight, but it WORKS
I will help you to change the only thing you have control over - YOURSELF!

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Dating advice, helping you understand the psychology behind the other person's actions.