I will teach you how to roleplay

teach you how to roleplay

About This Gig

Each session with only cost $5/1 Hour Session. During the session I will teach you about the online Roleplaying Community that many enjoy as a Hobby. Each session with cover detailed character development, basic rules, teaching different styles of roleplaying and helping you flesh out how you want you character to be seen in the community. While there are countless different communities with their own sets of unique rules for each setting, I will teach you the bare bone basics of RP and help you step by step develop your character: This includes Background, Abilities, Races & Classes, etc. and full development alongside you as needed. I will not only be provided research material but also visual aids to help you better understand each part of the character creation process and different fields of roleplaying. The initial charge if for the service itself, revisions on characters and feedback will be entirely free however until you feel satisfied with the end product, Your Original Roleplay Character.

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Roleplaying for Beginners

Over an Hour long session, I will teach you how Roleplay online properly for Hobby Purposes.