I will be your virtual wedding assistant

be your virtual wedding assistant
be your virtual wedding assistant

About This Gig

Planning a wedding is tough. Let's be honest. It's a full time job. From finding the ideal venue to trawling through pinterest to find the perfect inspiration photos that reflect your personality, it can be a strenuous, chaotic and demanding endeavour. No matter how much you tell yourself that you will remain calm and collected because it will be a wonderful experience, inevitably tears and tantrums occur.

Be armed with the information so you're not overwhelmed and daunted by the terminology or appear bewildered when it comes to budgets, costings and ideas. Be in control at all times - Let's take the fear out of planning.

As your virtual wedding assistant, I will:

Create a pinterest board - and update with initial inspiration pictures

Provide you with ideas for destinations and/or put you in touch with a reputable wedding planner

Provide a wedding checklist

Provide you with ceremony and reception running orders 

Provide standard information for invitations

Assist in creating a wedding website

Answer questions and general research 

Your wedding is special and, its unique to you - and you should be treated as if your wedding is my wedding...which means it gets the same loving attention.